Thursday, August 12, 2010

If Wishes Were Fabrics...

I just love love love checking out Spoonflower... I wish they were a bitter cheaper to buy from, though! Their shipping is fantastic, their fabrics are a bit pricey. It is SO cool that they allow so many artists to create their own fabric patterns though... the big companies making fabrics just don't do as much cool stuff as all these freelance artists. So, yeah, I do post a lot of fabrics that I wish I could have on this blog... it somehow helps me to get over the fact that I won't get to own the fabrics for real. Hah. I'm still thinking about biting the bullet and purchasing some of this fabric to put on the bottom of my living room curtains.... anyway, here are some of my fabric picks for this fabric post...

Of course, anything with a unicorn on it will catch my eye, but this is absolutely ridiculously cute!

costume love

Yes, this is another Unicorn pattern... but you can't deny the Retro-Rainbow-Fun-Flair it has going on...


Okay, I promise this is the last unicorn themed pattern for this post... but it has this absolutely gorgeous medieval thing going on.. it is goooorgeous... the colours are wonderful.. and the unicorn looks like Amalthea! All good things!

Unicorns and Flowers

I really love these grey Owls...

Night Owl

This is just fabulous!
Purple Birds and Cages

HA! I love fun monsters!

Gorgeous and wonderful!
Forest: Trees

Oh Man, I would so love to use this fabric to make a throw pillow for my couch!
Forest: Deer

love love this!
Purple Pears and Apples

wonderful!! so cute!
Forest: Cuties!

Whismical pretty fun!
Forest Frolic

...Alright, there's plenty more where those came from. I better end here before this post gets ridiculously long!

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soulbrush said...

love them all and they would make awesome atc cards lol.