Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just your regular North American Family

So, the other day I'm flipping through the channels on tv and there's hardly anything on. I like to watch House flipping, Home staging, Garden Landscaping, Home Decorating type shows... everything else bores me pretty quickly... I will sit through a few episodes of Seinfeld or the Simpsons or whatever... and I really love House and Bones (just not big on reruns).. anyway, none of my HGTV type shows were on, so, I was randomly flipping through channels and I stumbled across Dee Snider's new reality tv show. So, what I'm saying is that I did NOT seek out this show...

I felt up for a little dysfunction that afternoon, so, I sat and watched the episode. It was hilarious! Seriously, hilarious! I really enjoyed it!! I'm not big on these ridiculous reality tv shows where you just sit on your butt and watch other people live their lives... especially with all those old rocker dudes... it all started with the Osbournes and now Gene Simmons has a show and Dee Snider and there are probably more.. but those are the three that come to mind...

Anyway, it turns out that it was a "Growing up Twisted" marathon or something and I ended up watching three episodes of it in a row, lol! I have to say, though, I was actually pretty impressed with the family dynamics... especially the relationship between Dee and his wife! I mean, if you're old enough to remember or interested enough to have sought it out, you'll know that Dee Snider was this crazy, outspoken, metal dude from Twisted Sister who dressed like this on stage:

So, to think of him that way and then see a few episodes of his family reality tv show is quite interesting. Their house is definitely worth a lot of money, but it isn't crazy over-the-top... their kids are all a little nutty, but they aren't ridiculously dysfunctional or out of control... and can you believe that Dee's wife was a virgin when she and Dee hooked up and she has never been with anyone but him in her life? That's great! Can you believe they've been married 29 years and are very much still in love? Can you believe that they treat each other very respectfully? I was really impressed.

Their daughter is a bit of a brat, but she's in her teens and she's the youngest and she's the only girl.. so, I wouldn't blame her brattiness souly on the fact that they are wealthy or that her dad is a metal rocker dude. I love the open communication between the parents and the children. From what I saw, I can earnestly say, I hope I have a similar family dynamic as my family grows... but um, maybe a little less twisted.

Anyway, this is very random post and quite different than what I normally post... but I just felt like saying all this... so there you have it... I don't know if I'll be following the Sniders religiously via television, but I enjoyed what I saw.

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