Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time to Accessorize!

I was at Walmart a few weeks ago (for shame!) and they had just put out all their back-to-school displays and whatnot. They had a bunch of super-duper pretty binders for sale for $5! I looked at these binders and thought... man, to buy a similarly cute scrapbook album might be five times more money.. and then you have to fiddle with those stupid posts! UGH! So, I grabbed a binder and some page protectors (50 or so) in that size and the price came to under $8!! I feel like a putz for going 12x12 and using brand-name scrapbooking albums for so long, now! Seriously!!

So, expect to see a lot of 8.5 x 11 sized scrapbook pages by me from here on in!! Starting with this one:

This page was SO much fun to do! I have been wanting wanting wanting this collection of papers by Sassafras since I first discovered them... finally, I purchased some sheets online and had them shipped here. After taking that photo of Alysha and myself, I looked at it and instantly knew I had to use my Sassafras treasures to scrapbook it. The colours of the photo and of the papers are so perfect together that it almost seems as though I planned the photograph especially for these papers! Crazy!

Working in a 8.5 x 11 size after working in 12 x 12 and other square dimensioned scrapbook page sizes is actually quite challenging! If you see any super-awesome 8.5 x 11 scrapbook layouts, I would be very appreciative if you shared them with me!

Today it is HOT outside, finally! It is almost the very end of summer... the leaves on the trees are already turning... and it feels like it has hardly even BEEN summer! I wish Alysha didn't have a flu, so that we could all go out and enjoy the heat today. I was thinking the beach or even just the city fountain downtown... oh well... maybe we'll get a few more days like this before the snow falls.

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