Thursday, August 19, 2010

When its a Steal, its a Good Deal!

Regularly $29.99 ... bought it for $4.00


How lucky am I? It is the RIGHT colours and it is a cuuuute birdy... that looks like a cuter, remake of those old-school love bird images. Good thing it is so cute and soft or it might be too cool for a toddler's room.


In case you have forgotten. The above colour palette is my choice for my daughter's room. The walls will be a similar blue to that blue, the furniture white, and there'll be bits of pink everywhere. Works out really well with that super-cute FOUR DOLLAR pillow, doesn't it?


soulbrush said...

cannot stop emphasising how beeeottiful she is, the colours will all suit her.

Mrs. Dude said...

aww thank you Jocelyn :)