Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cosmo Cricket

Oh, Cosmo Cricket, my sincerest apologies for having ignored you for so long. I have been so wrapped up with Sassafras Lass and October Afternoon, that I have forgotten you. I am ashamed and I hope you'll accept my apologies.

With paper like the one above, I just haven't the foggiest idea how I could possibly have not been just as ga-ga over you as I have been over my other favorite companies. Your Togetherness and Pixie-Licious lines are very cute. I love your Wanted line, as well.. it definitely is something I've been wanting!

I am very sorry, Cosmo Cricket, for my ignorance! I remember now that you were one of my first favorite companies... and you have done nothing to lose my interest, it was all me. Please forgive my unfaithfulness. I will be back to the local scrapbooking stores to spend my pennies on your fine products very soon.


Laura (scrapnextras) said...

OK girlie...I want to see what you do with it...when it's not just another piece of pretty paper.

Mrs. Dude said...

Does the store carry that line from cosmo?

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

We've got it all, and you'll be happy to hear we have Webster's pages on their way!

Mrs. Dude said...

SERIOUSLY? Oh wow, that tickles me just right!!