Friday, October 1, 2010

Autumn Road Trip

Yesterday was beautiful and I have been aching to go out to the mountains for weeks now... so, we went! We headed out to Nordegg. My mom and I had to keep stopping to take photos because the golden, autumn hues were just so gorgeous. It was such a perfect day for a road trip!

We stopped at Nordegg and then headed further into the hills to the David Thompson Resort. Too bad that they were already closed for the season!! I was looking forward to having lunch there; they make these delicious sandwiches that I just love.

I can't wait to scrapbook these photos, lol!


Jules said...

You and I are total kindreds! I super love the mountains. I go there as much as I can. Did you know that Shell and I worked at DTR when I was like, 16 or 17? I don't recall any awesome sandwiches, though... lol

Mrs. Dude said...

Oooooh... I bet that would be a great place to work at that age!!!

Yeah, they make these turkey, sprouts, apple, and mayo sandwiches that just can't be made as well at home and that I have never heard of before... love them!!!

I loooove the mountains.. they inspire my art and my writing. Have you read any of my books in my Pinto Mountain Series??? You should!

Mrs. Dude said...

HEY, if you're interested, I would give you a copy of my first book of my Pinto Mountain Series called "Horse on the Loose" for FREE if you'd commit to reading it in a timely fashion and writing a bit of a review on it to post on your blog. You can give it a bad review if you want, you don't have to give it a good review, lol... but try to be a little bit gentle.. lol!!!!! ;)

Jules said...

I'll promote your book, sure thing! Pass it on over, Darling!