Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It was so nice to have my husband home from work this weekend; he's been working a lot this past month. I was worried for my son's sake that my husband wouldn't be home today to take him Trick-or-Treating... Jayden's fave person in the whole world is his Dad - as he should be!

I was perfect weather for Halloweening today! I remember walking through a snow a foot deep when I was little and trick or treating. Tonight we were out in sweaters walking through sort-of green grass and on dry sidewalks... it was great. I stayed home to hand out candy to the kids and my husband and his friend took the kids out. I ran out of candy pretty quick and then took the dog for a walk to go see where they were at. Alysha was so cute that she got extra treats, haha.

We had a Halloween-themed ART-A-THON at this weekend which was super cool! There were so many fabulous artists just whipping out ATC after ATC of brilliant fall/halloween/harvest themed goodness! I only made 3 cards this weekend cuz I was busy with the kids and everything... but it was fun, no less!

This one is called "Harvest Moon - Eve of the Pumpkins" ... kind of a long title for such a little piece... but I really love this one! I think it turned out super stellar... I wasn't sure how it'd come out as I was adding purples and golds and oranges and browns together, but I think it looks super fun and festive!

Anyhow, I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and are well-rested for November 1st - Egg & Toilet Paper Cleaning Day! Hrrrgggpff!!

Good Night!


Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Oh those guys are just too cute! I can see Alysha stealing a few hearts! Your ATC is amazing! I am truly stunned at your talent! Do you draw then watercolour? So much talent Sara!!!

Mrs. Dude said...

thank you Laura! Yes, I draw them, paint them, and then usually ink them after that.

Jules said...

Love the cards and the kiddies looked adorable!