Monday, October 25, 2010

NOW AVAILABLE: "Art in your Mailbox" a book!

A book compiled by me is now available, hurray!

a page from the book

It is an introduction to the Mail-Art hobby that includes how-to articles, beautiful art, a glossary of mail-art terms, and more!

Featuring ART by:
Shirley Bell
Andrea Melione
Kasey Williamson
Lydia Hart
Cayt Landis
Judy Brick
Leena Lindholm
Bethany Lee
Deb Price
Sara Dudenhoeffer
Dana Lynn Driscoll
Lisa Snyder
Shara Osgood
Amy Turner
Paola McNeely
Lori Wallace
Nadine Thome
SherMinn Chong
Jocelyn Rossiter
Bonnie Mahan
Shirley Vogelhuber
Malin Walkeby
Meran ni Cuill
Jacqueline Ramirez
Diana Sedley
Rebecca Wood
Elizabeth Cameron
Beth Reese
Kati Barrett
Kate Ahrens
Barbara Fischer
Dar Mariano
Bev Baird
Katie Darr
Shelagh Meston
Linda Reid
Angela Clerehugh
Pam McVay
"Pocket Yeti"
Mary Graham
Donna Richards
Michelle Marshall
Erika Schulz
Cindy Jo Bair
Erica M Antic
Kim Abe
Dina Haskins
Wendy Whipple
Heather Randall
Nicole Maye Luga

Check out my book store to learn more!

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