Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Visiting the Kraay Family Farm

You probably know it better as the Lacombe Corn Maze, but on Thanksgiving some of my family headed out to the Kraay Family Farm for some fun adventures with our kids. We played on the giant pillow, and the tire horse carousel, the giant slide, in the sandbox and a few other things before we headed into the big corn maze.

I soon realized my folly in dressing my son in gray pants and that khaki/gold/brown/tan jacket. He would run way ahead of us and I couldn't see him amoungst the golden fall corn! That stressed me out a little, haha, but other than that, it was a lot of fun... and the setting sun made for some epic photo opportunities.

Before leaving, we had to go check out the goat-walk. It was hilarious, there were a few funny wooden goat silhouettes on the top of the barn. Mom pointed them out to me and I said, "yeah, nice." But then I took a second look and realized why she was laughing at them and pointing... one of them was a real goat. He was a little black goat and had climbed up on the roof of the barn and was standing next to the silhouettes. Sadly, I didn't get a photo of that, because the camera was out of batteries.

Alysha really loved seeing the goats and chickens. There were some absolutely adorable little baby goats there!!!

After running around the farm, we all packed up the bunch in the cars and headed to Boston Pizza in Lacombe. Mmmm... Booosstttooonnn Piiizzzzaaaa.... *drool*


Jules said...

I can't believe you even got your kids to enter the mazes... mine just wanted to play in all the Pre-Maze attractions! LOL

Mrs. Dude said...

hehehee... well mine loved the maze!