Monday, November 1, 2010

Ideal Methods for Mailing INCHIES

SO, I just hosted my first INCHIES swap over at AFA. I've hosted MANY Artist Trading Card swaps, but never an Inchie swap. It was quite an eye-opening experience. They are way harder to host and take way more work to swap.

Inchies are super fun to make and to collect. I love Inchie displays! It is difficult to make a bad Inchie, if you ask me! Anyhow, they do pose one issue... packaging them to mail! How on earth do you package inchies to mail them to hosts of swaps???

A lot of people do the old-school method of stapling six into an ATC sleeve. I absolutely hate doing this as I have a tiny little stapler. And I had mailing these ATC sleeves with staples all through them because they make the envelopes all bumpy. When I hosted my Inchies swap I became an even bigger hater of that method! I don't like sitting there like a fool, cutting apart these ATC sleeves to get at the inchies!!!

Here are some methods that I DO like...

This first method is pretty awesome. You just take some paper and fold it over and then staple it to make little pockets for each Inchie. You can reuse this as much as you want to send to different swaps and whatnot, then the host can use it to send the returns back to you! Win!

You can reuse old envelopes or file folders by cutting the bottoms off them and using that fold as the fold in your paper. RECYCLING FTW! You can make these long enough to hold six or even longer to hold more at a time... keep in mind the length of the envelopes you want to mail these with.

I don't like mailing staples, however! So, this next method might be even better...

You take some paper/card and cut it to ATC size. Then you fold some tape over on itself so there's no sticky parts exposed and then tape that to the card to make three rows of pockets! You can slide two Inchies into each pocket to fit six inchies on each ATC card. Then you just slip them into ATC sleeves and mail them like regular ATCs! Really awesome and reuseable!

DO YOU HOST INCHIE SWAPS? Feel free to comment with any other methods that work well for you.


katilady said...

you're so clever sara!

aznfg said...

I'm impressed. I've been using the stapled paper sleeve for awhile. I do mount my inchies on ATC sized cardstock and put them in my album. I like displaying them in that way. But this way seems better.

esther a.k.a. craftyvox said...

Very clever indeed. I'll keep this in mind while mailing out inchies!

I've once hosted an inchie swap and it's indeed a bit of a challenge to sort these out! :)

cyn said...

I make a pleated holder for mine,a nd use this matchbook Inchie Holder in a notecard

Here's how to make it: