Saturday, December 4, 2010

Breakfast for Supper

Last night, as I was getting ready for my evening shift at Scrapbooker's Paradise, I realized I didn't have much time to make myself some supper. I grabbed some eggs and fried them up, toasted from bread, and threw some carrot sticks on a plate. Not fancy, kind of juvenile... but it was a pretty great supper, actually. Oh, probably the best part, though, was the pomegranate juice!

Now, the thing about eggs...
I'm not really a fan of salmonella... so, I like my eggs cooked. When I have breakfast at people's houses and they ask me how I want my eggs and I tell them I just want the yokes hard, they always over-cook the eggs or do something else to them to make them nasty. I don't know many people who like burnt eggs, and I'm definitely not one of them.

I hate ordering eggs at breakfast restaurants and whatnot because they ask me how I like my eggs and that sunny-side up and easy-over stuff confuses me. I just like the yokes broken and the whites mutilated... so, I tend to ask for them scrambled when I'm at a restaurant.

Even though I grew up in a small town with plenty of connections to farm-living, I don't really like the farmy-taste of eggs. So, I tend to put lots of salt and pepper on my eggs while I fry them so that the salt and pepper cooks right into them. And I eat them between two slabs of buttery toast. I would much rather taste the salt, pepper, and butter, than that farmish taste of plain, fried eggs! lol!! When I make scrambled eggs, I put things like cheese and chives and peppers and things in them for the same reason.

Okay, I sound picky, now! But I'm not really that hard to please! Mainly, I don't want overcooked eggs and I don't want runny-yoke eggs.... is it so hard to find a happy-medium?

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Sparkly Pink Star said...

Yum!! Thats my kind of dinner!!