Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

2010 was a good year...

It was a year of pesonal growth for me, it was a year of new adventures in my art & my writing, it was a year where we made lots of new and wonderful memories, and it was a year where I did a lot of reflecting on old, cherished memories. I hope 2011 is even better!!

So, goodbye 2010, I thank God that you were a good year for me... and I pray that 2011 will not bring me sorrow, heartbreak, loss... but more good things instead!!! I pray that I can go into 2011 without fear, but with great anticipation for the new and exciting things that God has in store for my family and me. I pray that for you as well!

...hugs from Mrs. Dude!


Shell said...

Happy New Year Sara! I hope that 2011 gives you continued success! xo

Jules said...

Happy New Year, Sara... sorry this is late. I hope that it's an outstanding one for all! :) xo