Saturday, December 11, 2010

Salt Dough Creations

I remember one Christmas when I was little and we were living in a mobile home in my little hometown, Mom and I made Christmas ornaments. Every year since, even to this day, when I bring out the Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree, I am reminded of the day we made those ornaments. There were other ornaments my mom and I made together too... some were made with those styrofoam craft balls and there were others too.

Anyway, this year I decided to make Christmas decorations with my kids. I found a salt dough recipe online (it is just flour and lots of salt and a tiny bit of water) and we sat down around the table to make our ornaments. It isn't really something you can do a lot of detail with (well, I'm sure there's an artist out there somewhere who does... but I am not he!), but we had fun rolling it out and cutting it with cookie cutters as well as using it to make things like snowmen and my rocking horse.

I used toothpicks to poke holes in them so that they could be thread with string or wire when they were done. I put wire right into some of them before baking them so that it baked right in... if I did this again with my kids, I think I'd do that with all of them, it was better than the toothpicks.

They bake in the oven for four hours. Then you have to let them cool. Once they were completely cooled, I, the awesome mommy I am, brought out my artist quality acrylic paints and let the kids go to town!! HAH! Next time I'll buy craft paint for two main reasons... NON-TOXIC and NON-Expensive! lol! But I just used what I had at the time.

Alysha is only 18 months old, but the decorations she painted looked just as good as the ones Jayden painted! I can't tell most of them apart, actually! But I wrote her name on the back one my favorite one that she painted and Jayden's on my fave of his as well as the year on both of them... that way they can have them when they grow up (if the decorations survive).

I may have had a little TOO much fun painting these decorations with my kids.... hehee... the clean up job was a pain!!! But it was worth it. I want my kids to have fond memories and the best way to do that is to get into the habit of MAKING Memories... Christmas is a sentimental time for me (probably for most people) because of the family traditions and the Christmas ornaments from different years before and everything else involved!

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