Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pink and White and Cute all over...

Here's a scrapbook page I made today. The photos are from fall 2009... awww my widdle baby isn't this little anymore!!! The "title" of this page is actually a joke that my son Jayden made up and told to me one day around the same time as I took those photos of Alysha. I thought it was so cute and would be perfect on a scrapbook page.

Anyway, this is actually for a Crop at Scrapbooker's Paradise next month. You get to choose whatever paper from the store to make your own version of this layout with your own photos as well as have six hours of scrapbooking bliss to get caught up on all your projects!!

I love crops at the store because if you need anything, well, you have the entire store at your disposal while you work!! Plus, we have SUCH a fantastic community of ladies at our Red Deer location that it is always so much fun to come to these events! I hope you can make it if you live nearby. Check out our website for details.