Wednesday, January 26, 2011

... a Quilt

This is not a full-size quilt. This is sort of a decorative, hang over the back of the couch, lap quilt. A full size quilt would just be too big to send on a plane overseas. I am assuming that my "sister" doesn't read my blog and so, hopefully, I am not ruining the surprise in posting this... but, I am working on this Quilt as a wedding gift for her. She's getting married this spring! Woot!

I used to have some CUSTOM fabric printed that I designed myself. One pattern has her and her husband-to-be's initials on it and the other has their wedding date on it. I cut up these fabrics and used them in the patch quilt along with the other fabrics I chose for the quilt. I don't know what their house's decor is like, but I remember in the past her saying something about a green colour... so, these colours will hopefully compliment.

ANYWAY... That's one of the MANY projects I've been working on recently.

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