Friday, January 21, 2011

Too much on the go!

I spent all evening working on a quilt!! It is partially done... but my back hurts from bending over my sewing machine for hours.

I have a lot of different crafts and artsy things on the go, plus many more on my to-do list... well, my mental to-do list... I'm starting to lose track of everything so I am going to write myself a to-do list here!

3 Candy themed ATCs
3 Moon themed ATCs
3 Pregnant Ladies themed ATCs
2 Northern Animal themed ATCs
2 Weird n Wacky themed ATCs
BABY BOY Scrapbook Layout for design team
CD Cover for friend's latest CD
Stamp design for Scrapbooker's Paradise

Pony Figurine - needs paint
Quilt - needs backing, batting, and to be put together
HARD COVER version of "Art in your MailBox"
My website's new look!
"New Horizons" novel
"Have you seen this dog?" novel

...hmmm, I feel like I'm missing something.


Sparkly Pink Star said...

Yikes thats a lot to do!! I awarded you a blog award on my blog today :)

Jules said...

I actually can't wait to see the quilt when it's done!

You must be feling better... with all this stuff on the go, you can afford much sick time, hey?