Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yellow & Blue

Outside right now it is white and grey... that's all.. just white and grey.. mostly grey, really. The white isn't a CRISP, beautiful, happy winter white.. it is a "ewww, why won't winter end?", dull, yucky sort of white.

So, let's think about something truly wonderful, happy, bright, cheerful and uplifting... how about the colour Yellow!?

You know, if someone were to ask me what my favorite flower was, they would probably be a bit 'weirded-out' by my responce. Honestly, though, I love Dandelions. I think you really have to admit that you lost all the enthusiasm and magic of your youth the day you see Dandelions as nothing by a nuisance... what a sad day that would be.

Is there anything happier than a bright green field dotted with happy yellow dandelion faces lifted to look up at a bright blue sky? Here in Alberta we grow a lot of Canola. I think the only other 'flower' that gives Dandelions a run for their money when it comes to being my favorite flower would be Canola. It gives a very similar 'happy' effect...

Canola and Dandelions are awesome!
Dandelions make me think of my childhood. My cousins and I spent hours in my grandma's big front yard out on their farm making Dandelion Crowns and Necklaces. We would chant the song "Momma had a baby and its head popped off!" and use our thumbs to pop the blooms off the dandelions. You always knew that summer was finally on the way when the pastures would take on the happy yellow haze.

Canola is more of a July thing here in Alberta. I love Canola fields. You know you are in the best days of summer when you are driving down the highway and either side of you is field upon field of BRIGHT YELLOW. Sure, it is a little stinky... but you'll grow to love it... plus, canola fields are great for photo taking! Below are some photos I took of my kids last summer.

The thing that really makes Dandelions better than Canola, though, is that when Canola finishes for the summer, it can be kind of sad and depressing... but when the yellow of the dandelion is gone, there's still more magic to be seen and fun to be had!

The white halos are beautiful and magical. I just love how inspiring those little dandelion seed fluffs are. Even many adults have trouble refraining from picking a dandelion gone to seed so they can blow those white fluffs.

Dandelions are magical, did you know? You can make wishes on a dandelion. You pick a dandelion gone to seed, make a wish, and then blow. Those wishes will float away on the breeze carried by the little white fluffs. When will those wishes return to you? I don't know, but supposedly they do come true.

I love it in the evenings when the sunset colours shine through the white dandelion halos. Below is a photo I took one June evening last summer.

And I love after a rain when the dandelion halos have raindrops captured in their delicate spindles! Yes, there is so much to love about dandelions... it is a shame some people can't see the beauty in them. I bet those are the same people who walk around the world with a set jaw and sagging hearts. If you are blind to the beauty around you, how do you truly see or feel anything

Anyway, the thing that got me on this little stint is that a few days ago we were visited by a bright yellow hot air balloon!

It was a beautiful January day... the temperature was slightly above zero (which was a super-nice break from our wintery slumber)... the snow was sticky and perfect for snowmen... it had snowed a lot a few days before so the snow was bright white and clean... the sky was bright blue... the sun was reflecting on the white snow making it even more beautiful... and then this bright yellow, happy hot air balloon randomly comes floating above our house!!! PERFECT!
It isn't a bright, happy dandelion or a field bursting with yellow canola... but that yellow balloon in the perfect blue sky was just the amount of happy I needed to get me through the rest of the winter! And now, today, it is grey... the road conditions are deplorable... and I am missing my husband immensly as he's been gone for over a week to some oil camp in BC... so, it is nice to look at some photos of Yellow and Blue... such happy colours!

Have a wonderful day!!


Jules said...

Well, I don't know if I love the color yellow.. but I do love the blue and the combination of the two does make me feel warm and make me want to smile. Thanks for the nice post!!

Sparkly Pink Star said...

I love the bright pictures, I too am sick of seeing white white white!! It was great the other day I saw a little grass for the first time in months and then boom.....another foot of snow lol!! Your kids are cute....awesome pics!