Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Vacation

I made this little display for my Step-Dad for Christmas. But, he actually hasn't received it yet, lol!! I also made it for a class I was going to teach at Scrapbooker's Paradise. So, it was on display at the Red Deer location over Christmas. I didn't end up running the class, unfortunately, because I didn't get enough people signed up to cover the costs of running it.

Whether or not anyone else thought it was a good looking project, I sure had fun making it and think it turned out really great. I love the bright, happy, summery colours! I made the fish and seaweed embellishments myself!

So, I got two art canvases and I sprayed them with Olive Vine Glimmer Mist. When they were dry, I attached them together with ribbon and then covered them in paper. The clouds were cut out of white cardstock. I mounted paper and my photos on chipboard for a more raised effect before putting them onto the canvases. I used a dark blue Acrylic Paint Dabber to paint the chipboard swirl/flourish and stuck it on.

The fish, I drew on cardstock and then cut out. I cut out different parts of them from different colours, inked around the edges, and glued them together. I finished them off with some stickles accents for some shimmer. The "seaweed" is ribbon that I put through my sewing machine and then pulled the ends of the thread tight to make it bunch up. I used mini glue dots to arrange the fish and seaweed on the canvases.

OKAY, full-disclosure.. I made this project up as I went a long... and I tend to fly by the seat of my pants when I do these sorts of projects.. so, the steps I explained above aren't exactly the order I did everything.. I kind of played with it until I got it to where I was happy with it.. haha..

The only thing I think I would change about the project if I were to make it again, is to get some hinges to use instead of ribbon (that or use stronger ribbon!). I bet Tim Holtz or someone sells some cool hinges.. though, I bet I could just find some at the local hardware store.

But yeah, I figured that since I didnt get to share my project in the classroom, I would share it with ya'all online! Hope it sparks your imagination.
Have a great weekend!

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