Sunday, March 13, 2011


Oh, it has been a good many years since the snow has ever been this deep... especially in MARCH! At least as far as I can remember! I do remember when I was in elementary school that I had to miss school one day because it had snowed so much the night before that we couldn't get our front door open! We ended up having to open a window and climb through.

Anyhow, my four year old son took that photo of me. We were playing in the snow in front of my Grandma's house on their farm. I was walking on top of some snow but then fell throw and sunk that deep in the snow! It was crazy! I had the hardest time trying to get back to shallower snow... lol... I ended up crawling on my chest (almost like I was swimming) through the snow. My son thought it was pretty hilarious to watch as he sat on top of a mountain of snow that had been pushed off the driveway weeks before by my Grandpa with his tractor.


Gail said...

Hey you... i'm so tired of the snow, can't believe i'm still here enduring this cold winter. may i add you look lovely in the snow - LOL! Sure the wee ones had a blast.
Thanks for your kind words on my blog!

Jules said...

OMG, and you're tall too... I'd have been waist deep!! LOL