Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tshirt Pillow

I love to buy groceries at Superstore because of their JOE clothing line. I went there the other day to get some diapers and I haaaappened to pass by the bay girl section and I haaaappened to stuuumble across this SUPER CUTE tshirt! They had a whole bunch there similar to this in different colours with different cute phrases and things... I loved them so much, I just HAD to get one for Alysha.

But as I was thinking of it, I thought that she'll probably only wear it one season and it'll probably get a bit worn looking after being stained and washed countless times. SO, instead, I decided to get the largest size and make it into a throw pillow for her bedroom!

Once I had decided that, it was easy to pick which shirt to buy! Her room is going to be a turquoise/sky blue colour with white furniture and trim and pink accents... so, this shirt was the top choice! YES, I've been dreaming of her room for two years now... There are many many blog posts to confirm it.

Anyway, I really would like to make lots and lots of throw pillows for Alysha's ''princess'' room, because I have memories of wanting everything to be "beautiful" and "princess" when I was little.

So, I bought some bits of $2.00 fabric at walmart for the back of the pillow and some pretty pink thread. I sat down at the sewing machine and spent an hour or so (interrupted many times by children) and I made Alysha a little pillow that she loves.

What I didn't anticipate was that the fabric of that tshirt doesn't work so well for pillow-making... I maybe should have backed it with a better fabric before sewing it as the front of the pillow... it looks kinda lumpy with the stuffing inside and was hard to sew straight. But then, I'm not a patient person, I don't like to measure twice and cut once... I'm a don't measure, just cut kind of person. So, most of my sewing projects aren't sewn straight anway! haha!

OH! And when I was partway done sewing the pillow, I decided it was missing something... so, I went through my collection of scrapbooking ribbon and found the perfect ribbon! My K&Company ribbon from the Elsie line that came out a few years ago. So, I sewed that onto the front as well.

T-shirt: $8
Pink Fabric: $2
Thread: $0.50

Much-Loved Pillow: $10.50


Gail said...

what a great idea Sara and i love the colours - makes me so happy and I can see it makes someone else very happy as well. Keep on dreaming. . .

Dawn said...

Very cute! What a great idea - her room will look fabulous when it is done - one princess pillow at a time.

Lisa said...

Oh wow that's a wonderful idea! She looks so happy with it too!!!!! Your plans for her room sound just divine! I was the same as a little girl - everything had to be just so and verrry princessy!

Sparkly Pink Star said...

thats awesome!!