Saturday, April 23, 2011

....Hello from my NEW home!

Well, we got possession of our new place on Friday, April 15th... and immediately started moving our stuff over. The place was a good deal because it was repossessed.. of course, that does mean that it wasn't quite move-in-ready.

The bathroom floor was rotted straight through to the basement. We had a contractor come in on the 16th and rip out the floor under the leaky toilet and replace everything and put in nice, new ceramic tile to replace the crappy builder-grade laminate floor. It looks tonnes better and I don't fear for my life when I sit on the toilet, which is a bonus, haha. We do plan on eventually gutting the entire bathroom, but that might take some time to get to.

There isn't a wall in the house that doesn't need paint, or a door/cabinet/appliance that doesn't need repair or replacement... but we are super excited to have this place and for the potential in it. The basement isn't finished, so, we have lots of room for expansion in the future.

Anyway, I decided to start on Jayden's room, first, since he has been waiting for his robot room for a year now... plus, it'd be nice for him to have his own space while we slowly tear it apart and put it back together. So, I began painting his room this week.

I painted three of the four walls a light grey-blue and the fourth a darker grey-blue colour. If you are curious, the colours are from CIL and are Fostoria Glass & Oxford Blue. They don't photograph well, but they really are stunning colours.

Jayden and I were doodling in one of my art journals a few weeks ago while we were waiting for possession day. I really loved the drawings of robots Jayden did to show me what he wanted on his wall... so, I tried to do them a similar whimsical style.

It was actually my husbands idea to have the gears all over the room in random places, I love it. It was a lot of work; I stayed up until 2:30 last night painting and my shoulder is still numb... but it was all worth it for the look on my son's face when he came home from his Gramma's house today.

I would really like to paint all the trim white. I'm not a huge fan of wood trim in most cases... plus this trim, though it is nice, has drips and smears of four different paint colours on it from the last peoples who lived here who obviously couldn't paint worth a dime. It is especially annoying since one of the paint colours is a shade of blue very similar to the blue I put on the walls, so, it looks like I did most of the mess... and they painted that blue colour all over the outlets and light switches for some stupid reason. We are replacing all the poor-quality, hollow, ugly doors in the house, eventually, with pretty, new white doors... so, white trim would be stellar.

But, before I get to the trim, I need to re-finish the ugly dresser that's in Jayden's room. I'm trying to decide a colour, though. I'm thinking white, but am wondering if I'm playing too safe. Maybe a deep red or a navy grey-blue? What do you think?

EDIT: My friend just suggested ORANGE with Brushed Nickel hardware for the pulls... that might just be the most genius thing! But I don't know if I will be able to find a decent orange spray paint.


peggy aplSEEDS said...

how exciting to move in to a new home and redecorate! enjoy! the robots look great! for me, a navy grey blue color would last til your son is older. the kids grow up so quickly and red or orange may not be "cool" by then. i would do colorful red pulls and other accents that are easily changed when he grows up. (of course, what would i know).

anyway, thanks for sharing! a blessed Easter season!
peggy aplSEEDS

Jules said...

Well congratulations!! Welcome home!! I'd love to come visit. Email me the address??


Jules said...

P.S. Jayden's room looks totally awesome, well worth the numb shoulder!!