Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Treasures Discovered - A Childhood Remembered

This might be the first time in my adult life that all my possessions are under the same roof... wow... So, I've been unpacking boxes and coming across all sorts of little surprises. The other day I was frantically rifling through as many boxes as I could get my paws on because I can't find my charger for my camera's battery pack... which I still haven't found and now my camera has completely lost all juice. But I did discover some long-lost treasures from my childhood!

A green horse my great aunt made for me, a charming rocking horse someone else made for me, and a precious madame bunny that my grandma (who died almost exactly two years ago) had made for me. So special! So beautiful! I put them in my daughter's room.

Then I came across a pile of my old books. Even a few ones that I had made myself in school, lol! But, of all of my old books and all the wonderful stories I had read and had read to me growing up, these two stood out to me the most...

They are both so beautiful.. absolutely beautiful.. the illustrations are gorgeous and whimsical and magical and... did I mention gorgeous? The store in "There is a Difference" is wonderful. It is about a beautiful Apple Blossom and how she thumbs her nose at useless plants like the wretched Dandelion and then her change of heart when she sees the facts. "The Birthday Moon" is kind of just a long poem with exuberant and beautiful illustration, and it kind of lacks "story" but is very fun to read and very imaginative.

Anyway, what really strikes me about this beloved childhood books, though, is that they kind of explain my crazy love and interest and the magic I find in the Dandelion and the Moon. It is so funny.. but I love both of that natural phenomenons so much.. I even collect art made of them.. and I'm sure if you've ever read much of my blog, you'd already know how much I love both of those things... I loved those things without remembering those books.. now that I've discovered and remembered those books, it all makes perfect sense!

It kind of makes me wonder which books and which toys and which childhood memories will stay with my children into their adulthood and remind them of the whimsy of their childhoods.

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Jules said...

Awwww... priceless!!