Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Adventures in Baseboard Removal

So, I have never done this before.. and I don't know the correct way of doing it... but here is what I did. First of all, the tools I (incorrectly) used to do this are pictured on the left. A screwdriver, a utility knife, and a wall scraper... also note the pen.

First, I used the utility knife to cut through the paint and whatnot that were sticking the baseboard to the wall. Once there was space between the wall the baseboard, I wedged the wall scraper in there and eased the baseboard away from the wall enough to fit the screwdriver in there. Don't reeeeeef on the wall scraper unless you want to buy quite a few of them, haha.

You don't want to break, crack or otherwise damage your baseboard if you're hoping to put it back on the wall at some point. So, don't powerhouse your way through this... you need to make your way along the baseboard piece and carefully work it away from the wall by jiggling and applying pressure to the screwdriver.

Okay, hindsight wisdom... you may want to remove things like this before trying to pull up the baseboard around it....

Once you have successfully pulled the piece of baseboard away from the wall without breaking, cracking or damaging it, you must do an enthusiastic fist pump.. while being careful of the evil poky protrusions on the back of the baseboard.

Before you move on, you may want to use the pen and number the baseboard... unless, that is, you have a lot of time on your hands and really like irritating puzzles.

So, if you know me, you know I am a pretty enthusiastic person. I get excited about ideas... and I am quick to jump in with both feet... not one to be wary of taking on new projects and commitments. If you know me REALLY well, you'll also know that I get easily discouraged and that I'm a big-picture person, not so much a detail oriented person.

I have recently learned the long-winded way that the vast majority of people who use the phrase "slap a coat of paint on it..." are being sarcastic (or something). One does not simply "slap a coat of paint" on something and have it look really good. All I wanted was a bright blue/cyan room for Alysha... and here I am learning out to remove baseboard... haha... this is torture for people like me who don't like dealing with the details. I'm interested in the end results - I'm not overly patient.. but I'm gonna have to learn it.

...the face of someone who is just soooo excited to be doing
long-winded, boring house projects like removing baseboard

Anyhow, once I removed all the baseboard, I stuck it in a place where I wouldn't be stepping on it (me no likey stepping on poky things!) and then I began sanding the crap outta the wall. Depending on the age of the house and how many times you and/or the people who owned the place before you painted.. there might be a considerable difference between the wall and the wall under the baseboard. After all the elbow grease involved with sanding the walls, you wash the walls.. and maybe even sweep and swiffer the floor or vacuum the carpet.

Theeeen... you poke your head out of the room to check on the kids that you completely forgot about because you were so busy working on all this stuff. If you thinking all this prep-work before painting is just a quick thing you can do while your kids watch an episode of Spongebob SquarePants.. you are totally kidding yourself!!! Luckily for me, I found my kids just playing in Jayden's room - although, Alysha had pulled out all of her and Jayden's clothes onto the floor, had taken off her diaper, and was trying on his underwear, haha!

Anyhow, that's the little story I came to present to you. Perhaps you find it enlightening... but maybe just amusing.. either way, I hope you were entertained for a little bit. Join me next time to see Alysha's room hopefully move ahead a bit faster in its progression toward my little childhood dream room...

Oooh, living vicariously through our children.

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Jules said...

Super love the fist pump thing!

I'm so glad you're smart and did the numbering the baseboards to the wall thing. I didn't do that my first time doing baseboards and it was a mess. lol

Can't wait to see her room once it's done!