Friday, May 20, 2011

Freebie Friday - Retro Paperdolls!

Let us welcome back my Freebie Friday event!!!

This freebie friday, I have a very retro, very fun freebie for you! I've been going through oodles of old boxes lately that I haven't look through in ages. I came across some old paper dolls from the late 60s and early 70s. They have seen a LOT of use and are taped together with aging, yellowing tape.. are bent in all sorts of places.. and well, just aren't in their prime. But they are so wooonderful! So, I decided to scan them and fix them up in Photoshop!!

I started with a paperdoll girl named "Heather" which I think is a Mattel product. I did a lot of fixing for her as her one arm was pretty much mangled to nothing.. and her face had so many creases in it that she was looking her age! I stuck her and some of her outfits together on an 8.5 x 11 inch PDF file that's ready for printing and re-loving!

The above image is just a preview.
To get the full-size, print-ready image... please click *HERE*

I hope you enjoy Heather and her psychedelic outfits!
Please don't redistribute this image; if you want to share, just direct your friends to this blog post so they can get it from the source!! Thanks! Have a fabulous long weekend!!!


NickelNook said...

Thank you so much Sara! I took Heather and her wardrobe! I always LOVED playing with my paperdolls! I remember when I got a set that had the tacky adhesive on it and the tabs were no longer needed. It was like magic! lol Fun memories! :o)

Paulette (Hazartist1) said...

I haven't played paper dolls for at least 41 years! I would love to see some of my old ones. I used to trace the clothes and make my own.


Anonymous said...