Saturday, May 14, 2011

"HOLD ON to your Childhood"

Happy Saturday everyone!

So, I am pretty much certain that Echo Park had my photos in mind when they created one of their recent lines, Summer Days. I don't think anything could match more perfectly!!!

I love bright, happy, beautiful, colourful, whimsical colours like these... so, of course I jumped when I saw this line come into the store. When I saw the cute carousel cardstock sticker, I immediately thought of these photos of my daughter that I had taken a month earlier.

Boy, they fit better than I thought they would! Usually I try to mix lines and companies and whatnot when I scrapbook so that I can get a more... umm... eclectic? feel -- but this was just so perfect that I bought the alpha stickers, the chipboard stickers, and almost every piece of paper from the line!

Not wanting my journaling or the style of my writing to take away from the page, I turned one of the chipboard stickers into a tag and put some seeecret journaling on the back! i feel so sneaky!

I wasn't sure how I really felt about the phrase on the sticker... actually, I've come across many a phrase used on stamps or stickers or rub-on's that didn't philosophically sound right to me... so, I actually based my journaling for this page around the saying on the sticker!

Which is probably a good thing, cuz otherwise the magic of the page might have been lost with my explanation that these photos were taken on the coin-operated carousel in front of the local Wal-mart.. lol!!!

I added some glitter to the chipboard carousel sticker, used white gel pen to draw on the faux stitches around the edges, and a pink rhinestone to the dot on the I of LIFE.

I hope you like it! I'm pretty crazy about it!!

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Dude (Sara)

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NickelNook said...

It's fantastic Sara! It certainly is a perfect match and I love it!...Nancy :o)