Tuesday, May 24, 2011

...... a TREE!

Don't underestimated the value of pennies, nickels and dimes!

My mom was going to town today in her truck to get a bunch of shrubs and things for her new place. So, I went with her so I could get a tree and have her truck it home for me. I've had my heart set on a mountain ash, but the place we went to had no mountain ash trees... and their trees were half the price of elsewhere... so, I gave up on the mountain ash tree idea and went for a pretty little pink crab apple.

My husband did not want to spend part of our house budget on a tree... we have so much to do in this house and our yard right away and all those costs add up. Well, a big jar of mostly dimes, nickels and pennies that I've had for forever came to my mind this morning. I spent an hour watching Spongebob with the kids while rolling change. I was able to roll enough to buy the tree with only the change from that jar!

My husband had said I could spend $20 on a tree. I don't think he ever looked into how much trees cost.. lol!!! But since I was allotted $20 and spent none of it on the tree, I bought a little Hydrangea plant too... hehe.. see it there in the picture?

Anyway... all trees need names... so, this is an informal NAMING CONTEST! Please reply with your name ideas for the new tree! Hurray!! BY THE WAY, you can CLICK on the photos in my blog post (and all my blog posts) to see the larger version of the image!!


Jules said...

Lulu... she's totally a Lulu

NickelNook said...

What a fun post! We used to name our trees too...until my husband planted hundreds of them! lol Then we quit! Your tree is beautiful! Unfortunately, I came up with one name and I can't seem to get past it...Mr Krabs! Your tree is far too pretty to be called Mr Krabs but you mentioned Spongebob and it came to my mind and just stayed there. What's even worse is that I actually know his name starts with a "k"! How bad is that? lol It does look more like a Mama Krabs, but Mr Krabs is quite a character...and could produce a lot of fruit! :o)

Anonymous said...

Name it after you best friend :) I hope you know who i am hehe

Gail said...

hmmmm how about Crabitha. . . LOL!

Looks awesome Sara!