Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hedgehog of the Blue Birch Forest

Last spring, I was ranting and raving about some Awesome Clocks! Well, this spring, I found a cuuute hedgehog clock in that style at SUPERSTORE of all places. I got it for only $7 ... HAH! I am glad I didn't cave and buy those other ones on Etsy for $30 plus however much it would cost to mail them here. Anyhow, I think it looks perfect in Alysha's room!


Gail said...

. . . so adorable, I'm sure Alysha love's it. Did they have any other lil creatures?

Sara said...

they did! I don't remember now what all they had.. I know they had similar styled stuff (like wooden photo frames and stuff) come out for Valentine's day with hedge hogs, squirrels, skunks and owls! So cute!