Tuesday, June 28, 2011

UPDATE: My Kitchen / Living Room

So, I've KNOWN the colour scheme I've wanted for our living room for over a year now. But it is only until recently have I actually hashed out the actual paint colours to use. I've chosen Spiced Plum by BEHR, European White by CIL, and Tennessee Haze by CIL.

However, I choose paint colours, I paint the wall, then I decide I need it to be tinted one way or another just a tad more... just like with my bathroom. So, probably, the paint colours won't be pure. I have a feeling that I'll be changing Tennesse Haze, for sure. Anyway, here's some photos I took when we were first moving in to our new place this past April. I took them into Photoshop and added my chosen paint colours to the walls to give an idea of what it'll look like.

Below are some colour schemes I made on ColourLovers.com while hashing out my chosen colour palette... as you can see, there is definitely a trend, but there could be many versions of it! The hardest part is choosing what the other two paint colours would be - because I knew I wanted the dark purple behind the cabinets. I still plan on going bolder with the accessories. I have some greeeen throw pillows, and lots of purple and fuchsia accessory plans.



My Living Room

Now, we plan on doing some larger changes to the place... new flooring, new back splash tiles, new appliances... etc. But. like most people, we don't have a huge lump of cash sitting around to do everything at once. So, this will be a long-running project. However, I do not plan on waiting until then to paint my walls and get out of that "living in a rental" feeling.

We plan on replacing all the appliances this fall. However, this past weekend, I opened the freezer door of our fridge to receive a blood bath - exaggeratively speaking. The freezer stopped working, and all the meat had thawed. Gross. The fridge itself was slowly warming up, as well. So, after some damage control and cleaning up, we replaced our refrigerator.

The fridge I chose only swung the opposite way we wanted and couldn't be changed. It would take three weeks to get one that swung the other way.. and we kind of needed a fridge. So, instead, we purchased the one pictured here - for slightly more. Even though I really loved the other one, I very quickly warmed up to this one and love it!

We will hopefully be replacing the rest of the barely-working, ugly, white appliances this fall... and then everything will match! Not only that, but I won't get burned when trying to cook the stove top. And, perhaps the dishes in the dishwasher'll actually come clean the first time through - and without the chance of being broken by the top rack falling all the time.

I think that even with just painting the walls and replacing the appliances, though, we will see a huge difference in our livingroom/dining room/kitchen. Oh, and I plan on changing the knobs on the cabinents with black/bronze ones; which, with the dark purple paint behind then, will hopefully make them look less like cheap crap, and more intentional. However, I look forward to the day my husband gives us the green light to start shopping for new flooring. The current flooring is ugly, stained, and even has cigarette burns... yuck! I'm glad I don't have any crawling babies anymore!

So, that is the story on my Kitchen / Living Room at the moment!

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Jules said...

I think you're doing an awesome job there! you just have to tackle things one room at a time, just like you're doing. Well done!