Friday, July 1, 2011

Update on Alysha's Room

Hurray, Alysha's room is finally a usable little room!

...and she loves it so much. Every time someone comes over, she has to take them and show them her room. She proudly says "Blue! Room!" and then she adoringly adds, "Mommy!" makes it work all the trouble, for sure!

Her room is layered in pretty things and in love.

There are items in here that were given to me to put use in her room from a few of my friends. The wicker basket toy box, the handmade throw pillows, the pretty quilt that matches the room so well, a pretty plush unicorn the same colour as her walls brought to her from Mexico, the little jewelry box on her dresser sent to her all the way from Germany... etc.

Also, there are a lot of little DIY projects in this room; like the white shelf on the wall, the white dresser, the painted canvas with the bible verse on it, and the light blue trees painted on the wall.

There are a number of garage sale, clearance and pawn shop items in the room as well, which represent a good many hours that I spent looking around for pretty things for Alysha's room.

And there are a few hand-me-down items that were my special things when I was little. The clown, for example, was mine as a wee one.

People might say that going through the trouble of making such a special room for a two year old is a waste of time. But I can tell that Alysha really loves her room, and the love that was put into her room, I think, is pretty evident when you walk in.

I have a few more things to add to her room, and I still have to paint her closet and put in some closet organizers, but overall, the room is almost complete. However, my hope for it is that it will not remain a stationary item, but it will grow and change with Alysha over the years to more reflect her and her interests.

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