Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm taking the Plunge

“By 10 years old kids will have formed the dietary habits that they will most likely stick with throughout their lives."

I've been following the SUPER HEALTHY KIDS blog for a while now. I must believe that somehow, if I follow blogs like this, I will magically have healthier kids and a healthier me. Why? Because all I've been doing is following the blog. Well, I've decided to stop sitting on my hands. I'm tired of not being assertive with what goes on our dinner table.

Right now, I hate our kitchen and I hate food. I'm 8 weeks pregnant and absolutely sicker than sick. Just getting out of bed in the morning makes me feel like vomiting. I don't think I'm in any position to try foods that are new to my system. But, I ordered two Healthy Kids Plates this morning and I look forward to using them in the future... hopefully, I only have a few more weeks of this sickness and then it'll start to go away.

The concept behind the plate is so simple that it doesn't seem like it should even work. A divided plate with specifically sized sections for the the food groups. Portion control for healthy kids.

I think the introduction of the plates will be fun and exciting and a good teaching moment for my wee kids... and then I think from there on, the plates will be more helpful for me than anyone else in our house. Helping me come up with meal ideas that are healthy and have the right things in them, and they don't have to be traditional, either!

It isn't just the plates. This lady has a blog where she comes up with new meal plans for you that fit perfectly with her plate and are fabulous and nutritious. On her site she has lots of photos of different meals on the plate to give you even more inspiration. You know, if you follow her meal plans and recipes, you probably don't really even need the plate! But they don't cost much and for me, they are a reminder and a commitment.

This is going to be a slow transition for me, I think. Every time I've really tried to make a change to our diets and eating habits, it hasn't stuck. Usually because I hate the food and I feel like I'm in food prison.

When I had my first son, I had gained so much weight with that pregnancy that I didn't even recognize myself anymore. So, I bought "YOU on a Diet" by Dr. Oz and tried following it. It was probably the closest I've come to being successful with a diet or change in eating habit.

Honestly, it is a good book and I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to make a change. It is informative, funny, has exercises and stretches, meal plans, recipes and even grocery lists. It takes the work out of trying to change. The problem was, I didn't like most of the meals (I don't eat fish)... or, couldn't find some of the ingredients because I don't like in yuppie-ville. So, it was hard for me to stick to it. But, even just half-following his plan, I did lose quite a bit of weight. Of course, my husband complained about the food even more than me and I got tired of having to make two meals every supper or feeling guilty watching my husband make his own food after working all day. So, it didn't stick... and I ballooned up again pretty quick after.

So, I may fail yet again, but at least I'm trying. What I'm going to do is use those plates and get meal ideas from sources like Super Healthy Kids. I'll work new meals into our weekly eats and will hopefully find healthy meals that I like, my husband likes and that the kids like (that'll take a lot of work). I'm not going to be too drastic, I don't want to go back to food prison. I just want to start making good choices on purpose when it comes to food. I just don't like cooking, especially when I know that I'll end up fighting the kids to even eat what I've made. It will be a process and it may take a long time to get there... but I hope that this'll be a turning point for our dinner table.


Amy said...

Awww.. thanks for the shout out Sara! Good luck on your journey. Don't forget, small changes still can have big impact on your kids health. I know it's hard when you are pregnant. It always seemed like healthy food made me want to throw up. LOL

Judith Natelli McLaughlin said...

Love Super Healthy Kids too! Good luck, Running With Scissors!