Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jayden's Field Journal

Yesterday was our first day of homeschooling... we're easing into it because I've been so sick with this third pregnancy. Good thing it is just "kindergarten" and we don't have to be "hardcore".

We made a little book.

I tore a bunch of papers to size and folded them in half. We put them into a little book and used my paper piercer to poke holes a long the fold. Jayden picked his favorite colour from my collection of embroidery floss and then he and I threaded the holes to make a little book. We decided to put a little button on the bottom as a fun little adornment.

Jayden is pretty excited.

I told Jayden how to spell "Field Journal" and he wrote it on the front and then decorated the front and back of the book.

He's already decided that he wants to be a scientist when he grows up... so, I told him that he should have a field journal. The plan is that Jayden will take his Field Journal with him when we go places or just for walks. He will draw/write about his discoveries in the journal. Right now, he can't read, so, it'll be mostly drawings and I'll help him label things.

I'm curious to learn what will catch his eye and imagination enough to put into this journal.


Eager to use his journal, Jayden decided we need to go study some of the canola near our house.

When we are driving Jayden says that the canola looks like dandelions and I always say that it is actually way different... so, Jayden said that we should look at it closely for his journal.

I had to coach Jayden to draw what he saw instead of just scribble a pretend flower plant. I think his end result is quite a good representation of a canola plant. We even taped a few samples in his book. This project is already really rewarding!


kerstin said...

What a great idea!
I can't believe though that Jayden already attends kindergarden...

Jules said...

When did I miss the big announcement that you are pregnant? Holy Cow!! Congrats!!!!! ((HUGS))

That journal is wayy too cute and a brilliant way to start off Kindergarten!