Friday, December 21, 2012

Planning the Quilt

Hi everyone!! Well, I went to Fabricland yesteday and was excited to learn that they had almost everything on sale! We're talking "Buy 1 m, get 2 Free" kind of sale! If you live by a Fabricland, you need to go! I bought WAY too much fabric!!! I found some lovely purple and green fabrics to make a quilt for my own bed.

So, the photos are kind of an idea of how I'm going to put together the quilt. Had I thought ahead, I would have used the cute farm material as the middle piece and the brown john deer fabric for squares around the outside... but I'm more of a measure once, cut twice kind of person.

I'm still not certain exactly how I'm going to put this quilt together, I'm thinking of doing something like the photo but without the off-white squares, and instead use some off-white as a border around the middle piece to separate it from the border of squares. I like to fly by the seat of my pants.

Originally, I wanted to just have the whole top be squares of just the farm pattern and the off-white and the backside be the brown with tractors pattern, but there wasn't enough of that fabric available for a full back of it, so I would have had to do some piecing with another fabric. So, I bought some green and thought I would do a border of green around it for it. THEN, when I was going through my sewing supplies, I found that I had a forest green sheet the size of the blanket! So, I will use it for the backing. I found a pair of my old pajamas in my fabrics that I kept to use for something or other and they were green and blue plaid and looked really nice with the other fabrics.. so I figured I'd try to get some patches out of them.. they are a bit thinner than the other fabric and I'm kind of a spazz, so I hope I can make them work... and.. yeah.. see, lol, this is what happens when you just throw fabric together without a plan. But, it is fun - like a puzzle.

Here's a photo of the different fabrics to give you a better idea of what the colours look like together. I'm quite excited for them... I think they look nice. And wow, after making a really, really, really purple quilt and collecting pink and pastel blue fabrics for my daughter's quilt, using these colours feels so strange!!

So, anyhow, that is where I'm at with the quilt for my nephew. I was smart this time around and cut the squares 11 inches instead of using squares that were only 4 inches... hopefully this won't take me two months to sew altogether like the last one!!

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NickelNook said...

LOL!! Love to hear about your design process, Sara! Yes, this quilt should go together very quickly! Quilting is so'll want to move on to the next one as soon as you can!
Thanks for visiting my blog! It was lovely to hear from you!...Nancy :o)