Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Homeschool Stuff... update

This week we are learning about categories. With that, we learned a lot about different ways to group animals as well as the Canadian Food Guide... how is that connected? Well, we talked about what categorizing things means and how to do it. We talked about how everything in a category needs to have something specific in common.

We put food into four different food groups... proteins, dairy, grains, & fruits/veggies. Then, with the help of Canada's Food Guide that you can download and print off, we went further and talked about healthy eating habits and how many servings a day we neat of each kind of food from the four groups.

We moved on to talk about ways to group animals. We talked about classifying animals as mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians...etc. There's a cute little free game here, that your kids can play online. Then, we talked about how we could categorize animals as warm blooded or cold blooded. Finally, we talked about how we could group animals by what they ate. We categorized animals/living things as omnivores, herbivores, carnivores, and decomposers. Then, we talked more about eating habits, about the movement of energy through the food chain, and were able to bring it right back to our Canadian Food Guide to compare ourselves to other animals.

Jayden enjoyed coming up with different kinds of animals to figure out what groups they belonged in. We figured that wolves were carnivores, but our beagle, Charlie, must be an omnivore... or an 'everythingivore'... because she will eat whatever we give her. We also had fun coming up with our own categories to categorize things in. We categorized everything from motor vehicles to cakes based on specific traits.


I am trying out a new approach for TV time. It is really easy, when the kids are home all the time, to just let them watch a lot more TV than they should... especially when I'm busy with the baby or trying to work on my own projects. So, I've printed off a calendar and have made a list of chores and other sorts of things that I put up on the bulletin board in our hallway. Every time a specific task is completed, they get a sticker on their calendar.

These stickers can be used for TV/video game time or some sort of treat. Each sticker represents 1 half hour spent with the TV, or they can save up the stickers to use them for a trip to McDonalds or some other special treat. We cross out the sticker with a sharpie once it has been used for something. Misbehavior can also cause them to get a sticker crossed out. Alysha seems to really be latching on to this concept. She was enthusiastically looking for stuff to do for me all evening last night to earn more stickers.

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Jules said...

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