Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Block Swap

I am hosting a Quilting Block swap over at AFA. I wanted to try participating in one but no one had been hosting them for a while now, so I decided, as with most things, that I would just jump right in and host one myself. Hopefully I don't make too many mistakes having never even participated in one and am now hosting one. Hah.

Anyhow, one of the ladies asked for a block in Mauves, Roses, and Pinks... I'm hoping I'm getting the colours right. I'm using tiny little pieces from my collection of inherited fabrics because I thought she might like some antique/vintage fabrics in her quilt. 

I'm trying to sew really neatly seeing as another seamstress is going to be working with this block. Hopefully she won't think it too messy. I've been having fun quilting as I go for the inside of the block, I will do an actual defined/planned pattern for the outside of it. It will be 12 ½ inches when done, so I have a little way to go, yet.

I love all the vintage pinks and florals and things together like this. I hope she will, too.

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