Friday, January 4, 2013

Pieced Decepticon


Hi! So, I was looking into english paper piecing the other week and thought it would be an awesome way to make my son a transformers quilt. Figures, I find a new-to-me-technique and decide to jump right in... instead of trying out some simple patterns first, I just go all out and draw up my own pattern from a picture of the decepticon symbol.

So, this is probably a lot messier than a good seamstress would have sewn it and there was probably I better way to go about sewing it, but I was learning as I went and I'm still pretty delighted with the outcome. I was thinking I would make three patches of this decepticon and three patches of the autobot face, but after seeing how LONG it took me to handstitch this patch, I think I'll just make one of the autobot and be happy with one of each. Haha.

I'm thinking about going back in with some off-white (like the fabric) embroidery floss and embroidering the outline of the face symbol  to make it better match the picture, but we'll see if I get to that. I'm a rather impatient crafter, so it is amazing that I was able to make myself sit long enough to even sew this, honestly. My impatience is something I need to work on because it will be the reason why I'll never be really good at sewing, painting, or scrapbooking... I just want it done now!! lol!

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