Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Transformers Quilt Update

You're not going to believe this but... I don't own an iron. Well, up until a few days ago, I didn't own an iron. I received a Walmart gift card for Christmas, though, and decided that I would go purchase one there. I try to keep my shopping at Walmart to a minimum, but I already have the gift card.

So, I bought an iron at Walmart. I didn't want anything fancy with lots of settings or anything. I just wanted the bare minimum. I don't iron our clothes, I have a fancy schmancy dryer with steam and wrinkle release settings. Really, I just wanted the iron for quilting and other sewing-related projects. With that in mind, I grabbed the cheapest, simplest iron they had.

I was excited when I got home and pulled it out of the box, because I would finally be able to iron my Transformers block so that I could machine sew on the blue border. I pull the iron out of the box to find that it is broken in three places. ACK!!! So, I took it back and was going to just grab another, but then I wondered if they all came in the same shipment, if they were all broken in some way. Instead, I went up a few levels and bought a brand name, Black & Decker iron. It was still very simple and rather inexpensive, but it was a brand I recognized, so I figured I was safe.

I get THAT iron home and open it up... everything is in Spanish! All the instructions, all the warranty papers, all the packing on the inside of the box is in Spanish and only Spanish! The contact information for the Black & Decker headquarters is a Mexican address!! Is this even legal to sell in Canada? It doesn't have a "imported by _________ in Ontario" or whatever on it and there aren't directions in French and English, it doesn't say it has been inspected or anything. How did it end up being sold in an Albertan Walmart?

My mind is just coming up with all these fantastical stories of how the iron got here!!

I feel like I should return it and get another iron.. not because I have anything against Mexico, but just because it just seems wrong. Plus, it would have been nice to not have to type all the information out into google translate just to make sure I wasn't missing some crucial information. But I didn't feel like returning the thing AGAIN, so I'm using it. I really hate how hard it is to put water in it and how the water can come out the top again if you don't hold it just so... perhaps it would be wise to return it. It is frustrating because really, I just wanted some simplistic iron. I didn't want anything fancy, any special settings, any particular colour or brand or what-have-you, and still, I am getting the run-around!

Anyhow, at the top of the post is a progress photo of the block for my son's quilt. I was thinking I should embroider the lines on it, but I'm not so sure anymore. Below is a photo of my daughter 'helping' me.

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NickelNook said...

Oh, my! Who knew getting an iron would be so complicated! lol My iron only gets used for quilting and crafting too.
If the water is coming out the top it might be because there's just a little bit too much water in it.
Your block looks great!...Nancy :o)