Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Headed to Space!!

HEY everyone!

So, seeing as I have this obsession with the moon (it is beautiful and magical and mysteries, okay?!), my son loves all things space, aliens and robots, and how we're a bunch of star trek and star wars geeks in our house.... I figured it would definitely be appropriate for us to spend some time learning about the solar system.

Yep! The kids and I are about to embark on an exciting adventure to space! I've spent way too much time on the internet checking out all the cool FREE resources available to use in learning about our solar system!

Today, we started making Jayden's book about space. I cut out the cover from some cool space scrapbook paper and cut out a bunch of pages of random blank and ruled papers for inside. I printed off some cool worksheets for him to colour and cut out to paste on the first pages. I will show you more as the book progresses (and link you to where I found all these cool printables, don't worry).

So, yeah, that's what we've just started doing in our homeschooling. I'm pretty excited about it and so is Jayden. We'll keep you  updated, but for now, I've gotta fly...


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