Friday, April 19, 2013

More of Jayden's Quilt

I really am working on this quilt at a snail's pace, but oh well. Anyhow, I decided on using grey for around the squares instead of more of that off-white. I bought some at the store a few weeks ago thinking grey is grey is grey, so whatever. Hah, rookie mistake. Next to the rest of the fabric for the quilt it almost looked lilac! Frustrating!

So, I checked out this new little fabric shop that had opened in my little town instead of driving back to the city. They had this really perfect grey that matched the sheet I'm going to be using for the back of the quilt. I was really happy! And I was expecting them to have boutique prices, but they were quite comparable to the city. Hooray! I know where I'll be doing a lot of my shopping!

So, here's the quilt top so far. The baby kept grabbing it and moving it while I was trying to take a picture and the only one that ended up working is fuzzy, ahh, sorry! So, now, the plan is the put the little pieces of all the different fun patterned fabrics all around it in a border and then a wider border in the navy blue.

Here's the top next to the sheet for the bottom to sort of illustrate the colours. It kind of looks funny in the lighting of the photo, actually. The grey of the fabric I recently bought is very similar to the grey of the transformer dudes on the sheet, though.

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