Monday, April 8, 2013

Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do...

Hey All!

So, homeschooling-wise, we kind of took a lot of March off what with having family visiting from overseas, a few big birthdays, Easter, and cousins staying over during their Spring Break. Today, though, we finally got back on task and were able to finish our Solar System / Space Unit!

 Jayden's Space Book

 First Page of Jayden's Book
I wrote this part out for him to save room and time.

In the next part of the book we have the planets 
And Jayden made up his own planet, too. 

 And then we learned about the sun!

We learned about sundials.

 We learned about NASA and the Moon.

We learned about nocturnal animals.
We also learned about a device called a Nocturnal. 
Then, we learned about stars and constellations.

  Then we made a glossary of terms.

 And, at the back of the book, we have Jayden's Moon Tracker.

We had a lot of fun with this unit, and it also gave me and excuse to trot out Jayden's old book that we made together a few years back. It was cool that Jayden got to rediscover this book. I don't think he remembered it when I pulled it out for him to read. He thought it was cool that the main character's name was the same as his and he laid in bed and read it to his little sister. At the end of the book, he looked at the back and saw a photo of him and myself and he was all "whoooaa". Hahaha. 

Not to turn this into an advertisement, but you can get this book through or as an eBook through Barnes & Noble or iTunes.


If you are doing a Space unit, you should check out! It looks pretty awesome!

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