Friday, September 6, 2013

End-of-Summer Update + Free Printable Worksheet!

Hello everyone!
Wow, it has been a long time since I updated this blog!! I figure I should give you one great big update, then.

We did a lot of stuff this summer! It's been great, but it also went by WAY too fast. I can't believe it is already September, can't believe the leaves are turning, can't believe that we could very well have snow on the ground next month! (Fingers crossed that we get a warm October)

I won't bore you with all the details of our summer. Instead, let's talk a little bit about the crafty and DIY type things I did this summer. Firstly, this past spring, my friend and I have gone together to create our own little business called Crafty Geeks. So, a lot of time and effort has been going into that. You should check it out!

Other things I've been up to have been small, little DIY things to help my kitchen and living room aesthetically. We replaced the light fixtures in the kitchen with some nice stainless steel ones. My husband has been working diligently on the basement on his days off, and most of our funds have been going toward that, but, eventually, when we have a little more cash to devote to it, I plan on changing out the light fixtures in the dining room and living room to match these new ones.

I have them picked out at Home Depot and I'm pretty excited about how they'll look. I really wanted something fairly simple and modern in shape with silver/chrome and black. Another thing I did that changed the look of the kitchen was buy some black spray paint to paint the knobs on the cabinets. I've been wanting to change out the hardware for some time now, but when most of our budget is going into finishing the basement, $1 a knob or pull seems a little frivolous. Instead, a can of paint for $5 did the trick for now. Originally, the knobs were that cheap gold/brass colour and they were scratched and chipped. Now, thought they may not look worth $1000, they look much better.

Alysha and I have been working together on customizing the wooden dollhouse she got last Christmas. It was just natural wood to allow for extreme imagination, but we decided it would be fun to paint it and do it up to be her little dream house. Alysha chose the colours and we painted it accordingly. Now we're working on customizing the inside!

I'm working on refinishing the old coffee tables we have in our living room. They aren't very good quality tables and maybe aren't worth the amount of TLC we put into them to make them pretty again, but I have been looking for years for coffee tables of a similar shape and can't seem to find them! You'd think it would be easy, they are such a simple shape with just rounded corners, but, nope, too hard to find! That's okay, we have these... and now, they are beautiful! There's the coffee table and a matching end table. I didn't think to take a "before" shot of the coffee table, so, I just scrounged up a photo that had it in it...

OKAY, and FINALLY, what you probably came for!!! The free stuff!!!  Here's a little "writing practice" worksheet that you can print off for your kid(s). It is probably most appropriate for Grade One. So, yeah, this is free, but please do not redistribute. If you want to share, just link people here!

 CLICK HERE for Printable PDF!

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