Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Canadian Unit - Homeschooling

We are working away on our Canada unit. Right now we are looking more at Canadian animals and ecozones. Jayden seems to be enjoying it. We have a text book called  Everything About Animals that has a LOT of animals all grouped by their continent. It has wonderful illustrations and neat facts. We've been doing the worksheets and readings pertaining to Canada.

I've compiled some links below AND have created an informative little booklet that you can print out and put together to go through with your kids. It works as a bit of a unit overview allowing you to go more in depth on your own for each topic. You need to print both sides of each sheet of paper... A is the first side of the page and B is the other side. It is formatted so that some of the pages print upside down. That way, when you fold it all together, it'll function like a book!

It has a  LOT of content and is FREE!

Check it out here

...and, here are the promised links!

Inspiration and Freebies 
Seven Continents of the World video
Crayola - Free Provincial Colouring Sheets
Colouring Worksheet - Continents, Countries and Animals (mine)
Build an Igloo - Another Blogger
Ecosystems, Food Chains, & Inuit - Another Blogger
Canada Unit Study - Another Blogger
Canada Country Study - Another Blogger & Freebies
Cool Country Report - Free Printable
Canada's History for Kids - government of Canada website
What is Culture? - government of Canada website
What is Culture? Why Does it Matter? - government of New Brunswick
Canadian Biodiversity
Canadian Shield - wikipedia
List of Mammals of Canada - wikipedia
List of Birds of Canada - wikipedia

Book Suggestions
Who Runs This Country Anyway?
The Kids Book of Canada
The Kids Book of Canadian Geography
The Kids Book of Canadian History
The Kids Book of Canadian Exploration
The Kids Book of Canada's Railway
The Kids Book of the Far North
Everything About Animals - Text Book 
WOW Canada! 
A Promise is a Promise - Robert Munsch
Mwakwa Talks to the Loon - Dale Auger
The Polar Bear Son - Lydia Dabcovich
I is for Inukshuk - Mary Wallace

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